What is ICF?

International Christian Fellowship (ICF) provides an international community in which Christians can grow in their knowledge of Christ, and inquirers and seekers can learn more about genuine Christianity.

What are the activities of ICF?

Meeting for Bible study every Sunday morning between 9:30 and 10:55 AM. We currently offer two Bible studies at the same time. People can choose whatever group seems best for them. Everyone meets in Room 160 for snacks, announcements and prayer, and then we break into the following groups:

ICF-A: “God’s Promise for the Nations” (Room 160)

In this Bible overview, we are tracing the main storyline from Genesis to Revelation. We will see how the whole Bible is tied together and find practical application for our lives today. ICF-A is suitable for both believers and seekers/inquirers, and involves a combination of lecture, big group discussion, and small group discussion around the tables including an “easier English” table. Led by Jay Lester.

ICF-B: “How the Church Developed and Grew” (the Book of Acts)

This is a class for international students, scholars and family members. Sessions are held around a table and follow a format that includes reading the Bible together and answering prepared questions related to the passage. ICF-B is especially suited to internationals who are new to the Bible and who want to improve their English conversation skills. Led by Bob & Sandra Jackson.

Other Activities

In addition to our Sunday morning activities, we have various social and recreational activities, and we partner with others in trips and retreats.

Who is involved in ICF?

ICF is attended by people from all over the world, including People's Republic of China, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, India, USA and others. The usual teacher is Jay Lester. Jay has a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a Master of Divinity from Columbia International University. Jay works as both a professional engineer and Bible teacher/minister. ICF-B is led by Bob & Sandra Jackson, who serve with International Students, Inc.

What Do We Believe?

As part of Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, we subscribe to the BCF statement of faith. See link to BCF.
Jay can be contacted at his email address.

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