What is ICF?

International Christian Fellowship (ICF) provides an international community in which inquirers and seekers can learn more about genuine Christianity, and Christians can grow in their knowledge of Christ.

What are the activities of ICF?

Bible Study every Sunday morning. Our current study is listed below:

ICF: “What to Want”

We are all motivated by our desires. Some our desires are bad, and some are good. What does the Bible say? What should we want? That’s what we are talking about in this short study series (July 9 – August 13). ICF usually starts with lecture and big group discussion, followed by small group discussion around round tables, including an “easier English table.” The study is usually led by Jay Lester

Other Activities

In addition to our Sunday morning activities, we have various social and recreational activities, and we partner with others in trips and retreats.

Who is involved in ICF?

ICF is attended by people from all over the world, including People's Republic of China, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Finland, USA and others. The usual teacher is Jay Lester. Jay has a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, and a Master of Divinity from Columbia International University. Jay works as both a professional engineer and Bible teacher/minister. ICF-B is led by Bob & Sandra Jackson, who work with International Students, Inc (ISI).

What Do We Believe?

As part of Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, we subscribe to the BCF statement of faith. See link to BCF.

Jay can be contacted at HISbburg@msn.com.

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